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Home Inspectors!
Business got the Blues?
 "My iReports" will take you to the Cloud.

Power your Business with the newest technology available.

Your Business in the Cloud

Includes:​All of the items listed below and more, are included when you are a subscribed user at My iReports.
SharePoint:​Your "Business Center" website
​Home Inspection Reports (unlimited use)
​Your own private website ("My Site")
​Collaboration websites
​Record keeping
​Web Apps
​Business Docs
​Inspector network
​Work spaces
​OneDrive for Business (1,000 GB of personal storage)
Outlook:​Business Calendar
​Email and email management (50 GB of email storage)
​People and contact information
​Task management integration with SharePoint
Lync:​Phone Calling via VOIP
​Video conferencing
​Instant messaging
​Member status
​Microsoft Account
​OneDrive (7GB) integration
​Tech support
Office 2013​:​Office Professional Plus 2013 - Install on up to 5 computers
​InfoPath Filler
​InfoPath Designer
Subscriptions and Prices
My operates a "Software as a Service" business that provides software and business intelligence to the general business community and specifically is involved in support of the Home Inspection business community. Within our websites can be found an active support system that improves the operation and administration of a home inspection company.   Learn more.
Home Inspection Report - Evaluate it before you subscribe
We provide unlimited access to our report software in a "Practice" mode. During the evaluation, you will use the full version of the report in the Cloud (Online). The practice mode is fully functional to create your report and then view it in exactly the same finished format that your Customers will see. This gives you the opportunity to see and use all the functions and features.   Learn more.